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Мне на Е-мейл пришло два ключа для Альфа теста игры Scrolls. Один я конечно применил для себя, а второй выкладываю здесь вместе с текстом письма. В-общем, кто успел, тот и выиграл:

You have been selected to be one of the few people who gets to try out the first and buggiest version of Scrolls! Congratulations?

It is very important for us to hear about the bugs in the game as well as your initial reaction to it, so please make sure you report these things.

The best way to let us know is to sign up at the forum at ScrollsFans.com and submit the bugs there. We will be present on this forum to get feedback and answer questions. Also, keep in mind that this is the first version of Scrolls and that it WILL be a very rough ride.

All you have to do in order to start playing, is to follow three simple steps.

Step 1.
In order to play Scrolls, you need to have a Mojang account. If you don't have one, or if you have a Minecraft-account but still have not upgraded it to a Mojang account, go to account.mojang.com to register/upgrade.

Step 2
To add Scrolls to your Mojang account, log on to account.mojang.com and click the link «click here to redeem the code». Paste in your gift code. l2b4-y8u5-r9r4

Step 3
Download and install the Scrolls client.
Windows users: download.scrolls.com/installer/win/Scrolls-Installer.msi

Mac users: download.scrolls.com/installer/mac/Scrolls.dmg

When you are done installing, just start the game and log in using your Mojang account e-mail and password.
Last but not least, thank you for letting us abuse you this way. We very much appreciate it!


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