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Помогите, пожалуйста с рифмой. на английском.

Всем привет! Мы тут с ребятами трек записываем. Я текст придумал, перевел, но не могу придумать рифму к нему. Не поможете, пожалуйста? Я буду вам очень благодарен х)
UPD. Если вам вообще не лень, то есть и второй, и третий тексты. Но это черновые варианты.

I went through a lot of roads.
I was in all corners of the universe.
Among the blue sands, the snow seas
I just was looking for my love!

I did not spare the horses
to find who will hear me
I just was looking for you — My love…

Among the wild flowers
and in the depths of the seas
In the dirty squares of the towns
In the canyons and in the mountains

I was looking for her. My love.
But I did not know that there,
Under the clouds.

She looks at me for many years.
She protect me from harm.
She is an angel, who loves me
And wants to show love and live.

View from the sky is always with me
I feel it
The love angel betray the god
and helps me to love.

The angel had a long debated
with the gods about me.
She reject God's grace
She comes down to earth as a simple man
to tell me about true love.

You come to me in a dream
You pointed out the place,
Where we meet.
My lover.

When I saw her beautiful eyes,
I lost my head of the senses.
I found myself in the abyss of feelings.
I found you my love!

We travel in stellar seas
In the silver dreams
In deep spaces.
We found our love.

You saw the darkness.
It was in your eyes.
Angel of the death
On wheels of the your destiny!

He says:
«Ride with me, baby»
Get pleasure. Get treasure!
You'll like maybe.

Kaif runs through your veins!
Get it, baby! You want it!
Grabs you're the pains of chains
I say get it! You'll like this!

You no longer want to love.
You do not want to live.
You do not want to watch.
Do you want having fun!

God in whom you believe
has turned away from you.
You have only one God.
The God of lie. Your master!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

«Ride with me, baby»
Get pleasure. Get treasure!
Let me in your veins
To death.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

You isolated man, my child.
I hear you cry.
Soon you will free and wild.
Cry all night. Desired.

The spider weaves a web
of your death.
Soon you will be free
and wild, my child.

Hole in the skies.
Sands instead of cities.
Dried deep blue seas

They left their land
Cause they burned
It to the ground.
Thick nuclear ash
On the ground
On the ground…

But you stayed.
Flashes blinded you.
Ashes dried up \ burned your skin.

Victim of his people.
You are no longer the puppeteer without your dolls.

Soon you will die and your soul is dead
your soul will fall to his knees in front of me.
In my underworld.

Поддержи Стопгейм!
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