Caesar 3: Коды

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Кликни правой кнопкой на колодце (water well), затем нажми клавиши ALT+K, теперь:

ALT+V -- для быстрой победы;
ALT+C -- увеличить кол-во денег до 5000Dn.


Use this cheat when you get the option of going into the Senate: Click the Emperor icon in the Senate. Give yourself a wage of 500 denarii
(Caesar's wage). After a few months, when you accumulate about 3000, go to the same screen and press the "Give to city button". Click the "all" button in the dialog. Then press the "give" button. Notice, now you don't have any savings at all. Nevermind ;) Press the "Give to city" button again.

WARNING: DO NOT PRESS THE "ALL" BUTTON AGAIN OR YOU'll GET YOURSELF INTO TROUBLE!! The quantity of money to give to the city is the money you gave before. So you just press "give" button again, and your savings go in minus, but who cares 'bout them anyway :) So just keep
repeating this and you'll have a fortune. And yes, don't be afraid to turn off the Senate screen. You can turn it off, and return to it later to give yourself more money.