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Hitman. 47 или 46 хромосом?

Вопрос к знатокам серии Hitman. У агента 47 действительно 47 хромосом или же это прикол связанный с его прозвищем?
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14 марта 2019, 16:56
Вроде того, и речь не о «всего 47 хромосом» а именно о 47-ой хромосоме, которая собрана из ДНК разных людей и при этом почему-то делающая сабжа супер-машиной, а не провалом.

(...) I gave you the best start in life – perfect genes! You are a perfect diamond, but it would seem there is still more grinding to do before you’re finished! (...)

Man was made at the end of week’s work, when God was tired. I greatly improved on all of the built-in flaws. (...)

Son – I hope you know this will hurt me more than you. The effort to make you! Every little manipulated gene! Oh, you were so pampered! You are an apotheosis of Man! When I created you, I was standing on the shoulders of midgets. But I ironed out all the wrinkles – and you still turn on me!

I discovered the true power of 47 chromosomes. (...)

You wouldn’t believe what my experiments with recombinant DNA have made possible! (...)